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Story of Cuddles

Being a parent is a remarkable responsibility, but it is by far the greatest blessing. Having a front-row seat to the discovery, the triumphs, the lessons, the gifts that our children will experience is better than any victory we could achieve for ourselves. However, no one is truly ready for the life-altering event that is motherhood.

We are two recent mothers living in Jordan, Farah & Ellen. We gave birth at almost the same time and we experienced every milestone together. We both bonded as we shared our ups and downs together.

Cuddles is a newly established company with a strong mission to encourage positive parenting decisions that are fun and accessible. Founded by mothers, for mothers, our vision is to create a one-stop shop for parents to get all their baby needs through exclusive international and reputable products that are approved by real mothers; as we know that when it comes to one’s family, only the best will do.

Our broad ranges of products cover all the baby necessities to ensure a qualitative bath, a cozy night’s sleep, fun mealtimes, and safe clothes.

We also think green. We only choose products that are safe, toxin-free, and sustainable to endure the tough love of our cute ones. Parents will only worry about what color or print to choose.